New! Forecast AI Training Reports 🥳

Those of you who are hard at working training away on your ForecastAI training program may have noticed some updated Xert ForecastAI training reports available on Strava :smiley:

  • These Forecast AI reports will be available for any workout/ride/activity that is at least 50% of the daily recommended XSS.
  • The reports include information about your Goal/Event, the target vs. completed L/H/P XSS, Difficulty, training status & information about your recovery time (Xert will display how long you’ll be Red or Yellow status

To get these reports posted automatically, ensure your rides are synced from Xert to Strava. If you record using another platform (Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift, etc.) ensure the ride goes through Xert first. Check out the FAQ here on getting these reports sent automatically from Xert to Strava.

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Hey @ManofSteele (Scott), can we also see the same report within the XERT iOS app as well (so not having to look at Strava for it) ?

You can generate a report from the activity details page:

I don’t think the report images are passed to the EBC apps, though it could be something for us to consider.

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Hi @ManofSteele

Would it be possible to have a toggle for the text describing the workout?

It’s a huge load of info to shove in your friends’ faces about your ride, when Strava already provides a lot of it, and the graph shows a lot of it.

I toggled “Partner Integrations” in Strava, and it still uploads the text to my workout comments without me asking.