Doubling of Power in Android App

I went to try the Android Xert app for a workout on my trainer with the 4iiis precision power meter. After connecting both my heart rate and power meter through the app I noticed that my power seemed way off. I then fired up Zwift on my computer and saw that Zwift was reporting half the power of Xert. Zwift was the correct power, how do I get Xert’s power reading to match the Zwift/Garmin for the same power meter?

Are you using ANT or BT?


Well BT on Android ANT on PC & Garmin

Might be the BT stream. We don’t have any issues with other BT PMs but have not tested with 4iiii. But try ANT on Android and see if this is better.

How do you use ANT on Android? Do you need an additional USB device or else?

You can use an ANT+ stick with a USB OTG cable. You’ll also need to install the ANT+ radio, plug-in and USB service apps from the Playstore.

Thanks, another question. I have a SurfaceBook (Windows 10) and a ANT+ stick that I have been using in another cycling site. Is it feasible to use those with the remote player in the laptop?

The Remote Player is a web-based app that works with Xert Mobile or the Garmin Workout Player.

Thanks for the fast replies!!!

I was able to test using an Ant+ stick and a USB-OTG cable. Ant reads the power correctly however I only own 1 ANT stick, which I normally use for Zwift. What would cause the Bluetooth stream to double the power?

We’d have to dig into the code to know precisely. Most likely, it is from the logic we added for P1 Bluetooth support. Other Bluetooth power meters are fine however so might be something with the 4iiii’s. Unfortunately, we don’t have a unit here to test with.

Are their any logs I could gather and send that would help?

We’ll still need to test with a real 4iiii’s. Can you send us a screen shot of the SCAN tab and the properties of the power meter?

Same issue on mine doubling of power with Bluetooth. Fine connecting with ant+ to 4iiii

I sent all requested data via e-mail but I have not heard anything back, I just wanted to make sure you got it and if you needed anything else? I am traveling for work all this week but can provide more next week.

Has there been any progress on this? I attempted to use Bluetooth last night with the same issue.

ANT+ is always your best bet for sensor data. BT protocols vary from device to device at times.

Enabling 3rd party apps mode in the 4iiii app solved the doubling issue for me

this is enabled on mine, but it’s still doubling.