Do you take into account outdoor breakthroughs?

I have often heard that the FTPs developed outside were higher than those developed inside, that it was almost impossible to develop the same power on a home trainer.

I did a breakthrough outside yesterday, does it make sense that all my workouts are based on an FTP that I potentially can’t reach on my home trainer?


the outdoor ones are probably a better representation of what you are physiologically capable of doing, the more you ride indoors (or you have) the smaller the gap between indoors and outdoors numbers wise

That’s not a general rule. I, for one, had issues with indoor rides until I purchased a decent fan and had it positioned properly. Also had to hydrate more. Then I could produce the same power indoors as outdoors.

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i wrote that assuming that he had a proper fan and hydration

“Proper” isn’t always so obvious. In my case, raising the fan from the ground to the side and above the bars made a massive difference.

I am also able to reproduce very similar results indoors and outdoors.

You can even argue that hydration is more accessible when riding indoors as you can have all your bottles and snacks on a table next to you, while on the road you can only drink or eat when the road allows it.

Also, ideally, you use the same power meter indoors and outdoors.

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