Default, No Decay or any other?

Scenario as below.

Been using “default decay method” since starts of december and no problem completing interval workouts once to twice a week suggested to me.

Going holiday from 10th dec to 22nd dec and back to riding on 23rd, doing endurance workout till 31st dec to complete Rapha 500.

Take a rest on 1st and 2nd Jan and browsing through the workout, was prompt to set my decay method to No Decay since my last breakthrough is near to 3 months ago, resulted with my fitness signature around the same as 10th Dec.

3rd Jan, did the suggested interval workout SMART - Nothing Else Matters - 90, for the 70% Reserve MPA (1min and 30sec) at last few seconds, no more strength to push and have to slow down near to stop but luckily reach end of the interval.

4th Jan did the suggested interval workout SMART - Firestarter 2, both 60% Reserve MPA which is 1 minute, can’t push anymore for the last 10sec and need to forward to the next one.

Set it back to Default Decay and browse through the same workout, i believe am able to complete comfortably for the 3rd and 4th Jan, since threshold power is greatly reduced.

If i stay with No Decay, tomorrow will be suggested with another interval workout as my status is still shown fresh(blue). Looking at the workout for tomorrow, probably i can only last till 3/4…

Leave it on optimal, get a BT (when properly fresh), then set it to no decay if you don’t plan regular breakthroughs eg for base phase

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Hi @posh ! Just keep it optimal. There is no need to play with this feature as it generate more challenges than provide solutions, if you are expert with the system. The system is well design to adapt to your training status. Remind that it is recommended to have a training targeting a breakthrough every 1 to max 3 weeks, even in base training phase.


thanks @wescaine @Picci_Kibo

Has keep it as optimal. Last sunday, did a 500m climb ride for a breakthrough and am able to hold it longer but was stopped by traffic light. Shall go for it this weekend to try for another breakthrough.

if fresh yes