Decay Question

I’m trying to compare “apples to apples” over the last 5 years of my training in Xert. I’ve change decay settings, but I’m not sure where, and I’d like to apply ‘slow’ decay to my entire history. How would I do that?

  1. Set your decay to Small.
  2. Go to your first activity (I typically use the Activities Table and sort in ascending date)
  3. Open the activity, update the signature (if needed) and Save/Lock.

The system will then trickle-down/propagate that update forward using Small Decay. Keep in mind that if the process encounters a locked activity, it will stop. You’ll need to either unlock activities first, or if they represent good signatures at the time, leave them locked and you can open them and simply unlock/lock them to trigger another trickle-down from that date keeping their existing signature.

If you’re unsure about things, contact support for help.

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