Decay or not to decay?


After a few months of riding with an aggressive -1 IR and an increased TP I now find myself with a few weeks of no time to ride because of working long shifts and holidays. My question is do I switch to Off Season with no decay or leave my TP to decline with optimal decay until I’m ready to ride again in a few weeks? Obviously I’ll have to smash myself when I’m back on it to kickstart my signature with the latter

Depends on whether you’re doing workouts or not. If you’re just riding outside without doing interval work, you should be ok either way. Going with Small Decay should work fine too since you won’t see much of a difference if you’ve had a recent breakthrough. You can experiment to see what kind of effect it might have by creating a manual planned activity into the future, opening it and reviewing the signature. You can also see the effects using the Weekly Summary on the Fitness Planner.


Great tip, thank you!