Data Points Calculation and the Weight Lifting Workout's Impact

Good morning everyone!

I’m wondering how much of an impact the weightlifting workouts have on Xert’s calculations.

I ask because I was messing around trying to get some historical data to import out of curiosity, and I accidentally asked it to recalculate. When it recalculated my threshold and LTP dropped but my PP and HIE jumped significantly.

I don’t really care about the change in the number but I’m more curious about how my change in habits may have impacted the recalculation.

Lately I have been doing much punchier group rides, and doing a ton of squat workouts. I’ve been using the weightlifting workout to track these squat workouts. Could the recalculation better represent my current fitness profile? I’m assuming the previous profile was due to me focusing more on longer efforts and there is a bit of a lag as it changes to reflect a change in habits.

I switched over to aggressive decay after this change as I ride almost everyday and hope it will settle on a more accurate profile. Then on my weekend ride my PP and threshold power dropped while my HIE jumped.

So, I’m just curious about the mechanics of the calculation. Not really worried about it being what I want it to be.

Thanks in advance!