Cubot King Kong Mini 2

Does anyone with the Cubot King Kong Mini 1 or 2 know its possible to fit a lanyard to it to secure it to handlebars or mount?

You can get a TPU case like this to reroute the location to the bottom right –

That is also how I have my Palm+powerpack secured (old photo with XM) –

Otherwise the KKM2 has a lanyard slot in upper left which @rofletch spotted –
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Excellent thanks :+1:

JSYK I don’t plan to go the case route with my KKM2 but it’s a good idea if you plan to drop it occasionally. :smiley: The way it’s built I wouldn’t exactly call it fully ruggedized.
I also think it lacks an official IPxx rating because of all the screws. That can’t be good for water ingress. I’m not too worried about it as I have become quite the fair weather rider. :slight_smile:
First thing I check in the morning during season is the forecast and decide – indoors or out?

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That’s one of the advantages of the large library of fun indoor Xert workouts, isn’t it? It’s now both fun, indoors and outdoors, just for different reasons :smiley:

You can fit a lanyard if you like. Don’t need a case.
Hope this helps.

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Nice catch! I was looking for slots near the bottom not the top.
My Garmin lanyard should stretch that far anchored to handlebar, but probably best to loop around an out-front mount.
I still recommend the TPU case if you are worried about surviving a drop.
The screen surface is nearly flush with the frame.
Anyone had experience dropping theirs yet? :slight_smile:

If for some odd reason someone wants to take one apart I found this video while searching for reviews.
CUBOT KING KONG MINI : Disassembly & Installation video - YouTube
This demonstrates why I don’t think it’s waterproof although specs says “waterproof and dust resistant”.


Great, I hadn’t seen it either.
For the moment the KOM Adapter seems stable, but with the lanyard I’ll feel more safer.

Started a 2 hour workout today on the KKM2 at 19% battery.
Ran with Wi-Fi connected to use Remote Player on XO.
2:10 hours later and it says 2%/16min in the EBC battery field.
Looks like the KKM2 will do fine as a long ride BC but will wait to see how GPS affects runtime.
Wi-Fi will be disabled and no SIM card so cell signal won’t be a factor.

Yesterday I started a 2+ hour workout at 16% and figured battery would run out of juice
before done. When it did I plugged in my power pack and noticed the KKM2 would not turn on until 2% charged.
Between that and struggling with the pesky flap on the USB-C port it took about 5 minutes to resume the workout. Luckily it was an ending RIB at low watts so no big deal. With the Palm I has gotten used to plug in and resume within a minute.
Anyone else had a similar experience with the KKM? IE, wait until 2% charged?

I’m looking for a solution to bring and attach my external battery plugged to the phone during my long rides. For now, it stays in a bag on the top tube, with a short cable to the phone, but I’d like to find a mounting system, directly on the bike/handlebar.

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Some of these “lipstick chargers” would probably fit inside the drops of a handlebar. Run the charging cable similar to the way a Di2 wire is run and then out to your mount. Though not all the bars that have holes are quite the size of the small end of the average phone charging cable, I do think some would work.

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Never thought to call them that, but it is accurate haha!

I actually keep a small one of these with a tiny USB-C cable tucked in my back pocket. When making a cafe stop (depending on the battery level), I’ll just plug the device in for 15-20 minutes while we’re stopped and that’s always been enough to get me back home last year (though my most common use scenario was < 160 km rides). Not sure exactly how much more riding @GoustiFruit is doing :wink:


Attach a bicycle light that has a built-in powerbank below the mount. Some have pretty large capacities.

Ah, another gadget to put on the bike. That need to be charged before every ride ! :smiley:
I just bought one Garmin Varia. Added to the phone, the camera, the XCadey power-meter. I also have to check the battery on the HRM. Luckily, I don’t have electronic shifting. :sweat_smile:

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Has anyone tried using their mobile as their bike computer outside in summertime BRIGHT sunlight? I struggle to see things on my phone in bright sunlight and am curious if it would be any better using the new Xert EBC app.

No problem with that, just turned op the screen to maximum.

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Thanks. I’ve just ordered it :+1:

Dynamo hubs will soon become an essential item on a bike.

Yes I did, and the display was too dimmed. At first. Then, I found the setting :slight_smile:

So… Settings -> Brigthness -> Auto-Dim ON or OFF (try) -> Move the slider to your preference.

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