Constant Decline in TP

Not sure what i’m doing wrong, but TP has been constantly struggling and dropping currently starting my “peak” phase. Any tips? Suggestions?

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Which decay method are you using? It’s not unusual for your signature to slowly decay over time if you aren’t riding to the limit on occasion.

If you aren’t pushing yourself to the limit somehow every ~4 weeks, you might find the Slow Decay or No Decay - Training Load Matched methods will better track your fitness over time.

Check out our blog post on signature decay methods here: Xert’s Magic Setting – Signature Decay – Xert


Wat is your event date?
Can you post a Progression Chart screenshot from your XPMC, YTD with TP, Training Load and Recovery Load enabled?
Can you post a screenshot from your planner tab, showing your weekly stats with Hours and Ramp Rate enabled?
In general if you follow the Weekly Hours Needed from the Adaptive Training Advisor and your Recovery Load is mainly higher than your Training Load your TP should go up.

Using the default (Optimal Decay Method)

Target Event Date: May 5th
Year to Date:

Weekly Stats:

With an TED of 5th May you Base phase probably started in Januari.
In the Base phase you mostly do Endurance workouts to get your TP up.
I notice in the weekstats from Jan that your Weekly Focus is everything except Endurance focused:
In Feb its a little better but still not fully focused on Endurance workouts.
So my first question is: did you follow the advised / prescribed workouts with the proper focus?

Then Ramp Rate. Looking at the week stats these go on and off. Also the amount of hours hoover a bit around 4 / 5 but there is not a steady increase in amount of training hours.
So my second question is: did you follow the weekly minimal advised hours needed from the ATP?
If you play a bit with the button you will notice that the required amount of hours increase every week.
I dont see this steady increase in training hours back in your weekly overviews.

Furthermore what is mentioned earlier by @ManofSteele: Because your TP has a Default decay set TP is decreasing over time. Its just like gravity. If you dont train (enough), it goes (slowly) down.

My guess what happened is the following:

  • You did not follow the minimal weekly required training time.
  • You did not follow (enough) prescribed workouts which made you not do enough Endurance workouts during Base and Build phase to increase your TP.
  • You didnt enforce enough Breakthroughs which made your TP decrease overtime.
  • In the Peak phase Xertly mainly works on your HIE and PP so its basicly to late to work on the base (TP) of your training.

This is what I think happened.
Apologies if I misinterpreted something or got it completely wrong.
But I hope this helps

Btw, some good reading on this can be found here: Training Right For Your Event – Xert

Johan B


Thanks Johan this is really helpful. I’m fairly new to xert and initially started with the continuous training type and moved to the target event type to experiment with it. Yes you are correct, in terms of workflow i just selected a workout based on the recommended training section in the training tab. I didn’t focus too much on the number of hours but only on the XSS deficit/surplus to try my best to keep it positive.

I found it helpfull to enable the “Suggested Focus” field on the planner “Weekly Stats” view.
The “Weekly focus” is showing what you really achieved while the “Suggested Focus” shows you what it should have been according to your plan. It gets really interesting to plan the week ahead and see what it does with your focus and training hours. I often plan out the whole week with suggested workouts, refresh the screen, goto the “Weekly Stats” view to see what the impact would be if I follow the planned workouts.
It is important to realize that increase of your TP almost always means increase in training hours.
So the “Ramp Rate” should be positive (green).

Another regular check is to goto the Progression chart and check that your recovery load is above your Training load. That means that your short term training load (recovery load) is higher than your long term trainingload. And an increase in your Training load is the base of an improved signature.

Personally I do an “Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough” workout every 2 weeks.
Besides the fact that it is just a good workout to do it makes sure that my TP is reflecting my true fitness level and it hasnt decayed to much.

Good luck with your training and Xert! :slight_smile: