Confused by changes in Estimated Training Needed

I’m totally confused this morning. When I looked at my ATA just 30min ago it said my Estimated Training Needed was 0.4 hours for today (Saturday). I’ve been having some breakfast and just went back to select this mornings workout and now it says my Estimated Training Need is 2.3 hours. What’s happened here? This is a HUGE increase.

Just search this forum - I have never bothered about this, so I can’t tell fore sure, but I believe it has to do with the time Xert / the planner assumes you’re normally doing your training on any given day.

I have the planner set at 2pm workouts so it can’t be that as it’s only 09.22am here right now

Well, as you can see, I can have a look at my planner, add an activity and the XSS surplus will change when I change the time. Neither entry reflects the number (deficit!) on my status page…

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Did you do any training last Saturday?

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Yes I did my usual 1 hour Endurance ride.

What time? I just know that I’ve seen more people being stunned about similar stuff, but as I said, I haven’t really been paying attention as to the how’s and why’s…

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08.45am my time

So, between the time of you first and your second look today, you did your training last week?

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No. I trained last Saturday approximately 1hr 15min after the second look.

If this were the case then the target is inaccurate unless you remember and wait until after your ride 7 days earlier?

Something like that, yes. I guess Xert uses a 7-day algorithm to calculate this. If the time of your training last week on the same day has passed, it expires and your target is adapted.

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but isnt that why they give you the option to set your training time on the planner page?

but it hadn’t passed on this occassion.

Or 14-day. What did you do the Saturday before last week’s? And from your original entry and the time you said it was a bit later, I estimated your last week’s training occurred in that time frame.

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The Saturday before last was also a 1 hour ride.

I guess, but that doesn’t influence the ATA (status/front) page, as you can see from my screen shots. That remained at a 21 XSS deficit, no matter what time I entered in the planner.

It would change if I would add a manual entry of a training I had already done at that stage, not if I plan a training for later that day.

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Very strange. Hopefully someone from xert can help me. Thanks for your help.

It is confusing, I agree.

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I really like Xert stuff, but I agree there is confusion about some concepts. It would be nice to have a clear definition of how things are calculated.
Personally, since my TL is about 95 and I want improvement, I target 100XSS daily or more regardless of the training advisor.


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