Confused by changes in Estimated Training Needed

Yeah, that’s why I previously stated I never really bothered about these discrepancies. Apart from them/it being confusing, I pretty much just pick a workout or freebie according to my goal(s), making sure that overall, XSS is what I need it to be.

BTW, I believe that if you target 100 XSS daily, Xert will quickly adopt that as your (new) standard, so it will not get easier to advance, but you just increase your TL…


I had a similar problem where the estimated training on the main page said I needed to train while the planner said I could take a day off. I read where the My Fitness part uses a time of midnight on the current day while as mentioned above, the planner uses the workout time specified. I seemed to have gotten around this by putting a time of 4pm on the planner. What is the downside of doing it this way?

I’ve found the best way to use Xert is to just ignore the stars to tell me how fresh I am, I can never really get them to represent how I’m feeling, and I’ve played around a lot. I just have it set to a level which has me on blue stars all the time, and leave it. I’ve tweaked it so it always gives me the best workout I need when I’m fresh, and if I’m not fresh, i’ll just use the filter to lower the difficulty. If you’ve been training for a while, and you’re used to the Xert workouts, you’ll know what you can handle at what points, and you really don’t need to worry about the freshness bar. It’s just something that can cause unnecessary confusion. I also ignore, for the most part, the workout goal. What I pay attention to, is keeping the needle upright as best I can, and the interval targets when if I haven’t picked a particular workout. Using it in this way keeps it simple and it works well. I’ve been using Xert for just under year now and it’s my favourite training platform by far.

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I agree the xata advice is confusing. I’ll often have a small deficit it surplus before my workout than after doing my workout have a huge deficit. Be great to know how it users time to calculate the surplus/deficit

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If your freshness changed from yellow to blue over the course of the day, you will get very different recommendations in the afternoon compared to the morning.

No it has been blue for the last 5 days and the change took place over about a 1 hour timespace in the morning.

This happens to me all the time. Hey up at 5am look at xata advice. Start workout at 5:30am. Look at xata during workout advice has changed. Happens every day.

You also have a pretty aggressive IR set. If you reduce your IR, you’ll likely see smaller variation in the needed XSS depending on the time of day.

With my varying schedule for school/work, I generally use the XATA advice from the home page (and filter for time, if necessary). Some days my workouts are in the morning, some are in the afternoon. I don’t see large swings in my recommended XSS, so hard to comment on what might have caused it in this case.

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I have only been on this site for 4 days i already agree with this 100%
Keep it simple i did 120 miles today and im tired so you need to ride and train by feel to a certain extent.
Xert says im fresh armmmm no…
Anyway still learning the software there is alot in it and very diff than TP.
Im still not sold on this yet.