Concern about warm up in an AI generated workouts

Hi, everyone.

I’m a little bit concerned about warm up in an AI generated workouts for Breakaway Specialist.
For example, Warmup is 8 minutes with power 60%-105% LTP (92-161W for me) then Rest 2 minutes with 60% LTP (92W). After that followed working Set 1 for 1 minute with 427 W.
My opinion here, it would be better if warm up will be a little bit longer and will include a couple short intervals (for example 10-15 sec each) on power equals first working set or a little bit less. What do you think?

Thank you.

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A fix to Autogen to prevent entries like this is due out soon. In the meantime run away! :smiley:

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Upon a second look I realized that each Autogen workout is tied to an individual’s fitness signature. Your link will look very different to each of us depending on our signature.
I agree if the workout includes high watt intervals in proportion to an individual’s signature, some short openers would be a welcome addition during warm-up.

What I was referring to is when Autogen creates a workout that looks similar to this one where MPA flatlines, difficulty rises significantly, and the results that don’t match intended target strain or duration.


The pending fix should address this issue.

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Hi Aleksey,

Did you know you can edit the autogenerated workouts? I can definitely see where you’re coming from - some people want/need a bit more warmup before harder efforts.

After auto-generating the workout, you could open the workout in the designer and add a step with a couple repeats to help customize the warmup for you… Something like this might work well:

Name Intensity / Duration Intensity/Duration Repeats
Extended Warmup 5 MMP for 00:30 ~80% LTP for 1:30 Repeat 2-4 x’s

Hi Scott.
Thank you for an advice. I’ll definitely try this.

Ok, thank you for explanation!

Some other thoughts:
You could warm up in slope mode and do whatever openers you want…
you could also start your warm up before the actual ‘workout’ if you need it longer…
or pause the warm up in the workout player (but keep warming up)…
Or skip back to previous interval to repeat the warm up (in slope mode if you don’t like the power targets)

Not sure all are possible in all apps without affecting the recording, but I dual record anyway…

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