Coming from Sufferfest / SYSTM

I have come to Xert after many years of Sufferfest/Wahoo SYSTM. The main reason I am here is because I like to race in Zwift and the training plans in SYSTM just can’t deal with me going off plan.

Xert looks like an interesting tool that could hopefully understand my specfic capabilities and how to get the most out of myself. Although I’m look for a magic button that says “Give me a plan to ensure I can sit with the front grouip in a Zwift Race for longer that 5 mins!” :slight_smile:

So far I have a lot of questions and was wondering how to address those. Do I create one big questions that is “Help me!” (probably not) or multiple individual questions such as

  • “Understanding the language of Adaptive Trainng Advisor”
  • “What is meant be Mode:AUTO and SLOPE: 4.00% in the player”.
  • "What is the benefit of a Forecast AI Beta over being a in a “program” and always just selecting “Suggest”

(I am not expecting answers to these questions in this post. This is more about how do i get answers without annoying everyone)

I have a number of screen shots of the player that I took during recent “SMART - Highway Star” session when I did not understand different prompts. Can I include those with annotations?




Hi @paddeo, Welcome to Xert!

Maybe not one magic button, but I think there are tools that you can use to help improve your fitness for those races :slight_smile:

AUTO is our default mode for the Xert EBC apps. It means that you’ll be in ERG or SLOPE mode depending on how the workout interval is defined. SLOPE (4.0%) means that the EBC app will switch your trainer into SLOPE mode (sometimes called SIM mode) and simulate a 4.0% incline. For SLOPE mode intervals, you should use your gears & cadence to hit the targets! Most of the time, these are on short/hard intervals, so just pick a big gear and push hard! I definitely recommend checking this short video to get a better understanding of our Mixed Mode workouts (and why we have them) :slight_smile:

The new Xert Forecast AI (XFAI) is a massive step forward from our original Xert adaptive training advisor (XATA) program we started several years ago. It allows for more user input & control over your training program (availability, polarity, recovery demands, and more!), as well as the ability to flex around workouts/activities all while keeping you on pace towards achieving your unique training goals!

We’ll be releasing more content about the new XFAI program as it leaves beta :slight_smile:

I am going to create sopme more specific questions tonight. Thanks

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Welcome :slight_smile:
Also trying out Xert (month 3 of trial for me as I work out how to use the planner function to help me train) from Sufferfest (though currently paying for both, so looking to end up with one, not two ! lol)

So will be looking out for some of those questions in case I had them recently too :slight_smile:
Though I’m also interested in the third question !

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