Clarity about adaptive training

I started using Xert a few months ago and immediately set up an objective for mid june. I am on a slow progression; the base phase went pretty well but the build phase is getting more complicated.

I am following the adaptive training recommended sessions, I ended up getting “tired” and now all I get is endurance sessions and never getting out of tired. Should Xert factored my status so I could eventually get out of the hole to get build type training like 10 min focus, etc. I might now understand something, any ideas?

Do you actually feel tired and in need of less intensive sessions? I know form your other post that you have found the freshness feedback slider, so did you experiment with that?

That would have been my thought as well. I had the opposite, Xert had me down as always tired so I moved the freshness slider to the right and it is pretty accurate now. Each of us are different so a default setting is not likely to work the same for everyone.

I am struggling with the same sort of issues.
Like Robert mentioned the feedback slider is one of the options to correct.
If you would really understand what is happening “under the hood” this is a good reading:

Also be aware that Xert workouts are often of high intensity. For HIIT training less training time and good recovery is important to prevent yourself from draining. For me as an mainly endurance rider this was something I had to get used to.

If the feedback slider isnt still doing the trick I sometimes set the filter for workouts on the max Training Form stars I find desirable at that given time. E.g. Xert often prescribes me with 3.5 star workouts while 2.5 is the max for me at that moment. I know 3.5 is just to much to handle at that time. I then set the filter to show 2.5 stars workouts or lower and pick one of those. The aim ofcourse is to get your real life fatique inline with Xert’s perception and prescription :slight_smile:

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Something else you could try is using the “Planner” to see the forecast of your Training Form (Fresh, Tired, etc) for each day. Experiment with the feedback slider and the option in the Planner to “automatically create recommended workout”. Check the prescribed workouts on Focus and Intensity and what is does to your Training Form on the days after. Adjust the feedback slider in such a way that it represents real life based experiences.

I believe this is why they changed workouts to be rated by diamonds instead of stars.
Subscribers were confused whenever a suggested workout didn’t match their star count.
You can ride a variety of diamond rated workouts independent of your current star status.
At times you may need to dial back depending on how you feel and what your goals are for the week and what phase you are in. Occasionally you can jump up and challenge yourself.
With trainer based workouts you can also lower intensity if you take on too much for the day.