Cadence in AC intervals


I was wondering on what cadence to do the aerobic capacity intervals. 12* 140% FTP. I have a tendency to do them at high rpm up to 100-105 rpm. Or would a standard like 85-90 rpm be better




Not sure what’s ‘correct’. However, are you riding indoors or outdoors and what do you use to drive the workout or track it?

Reason for asking is that the Xert Remote Player gives you a cadence range indication so if doing indoors using that you could use that. Listed under RPM on the right hand side and aim to get the needle in the green zone. Don’t know if this is on iOS or Android.

Using the player on a Garmin I think its on the right hand side from memory. If free-riding or not using an Xert player, you can use the Cadence app by Xert potentially to get suggestions?

Natural cadence is best. That range typically rises over time for someone new to cycling.
Otherwise, there are grinders and spinners each with their individual preferences at varying target power.

The CO gauge (Cadence Optimizer) on the Remote or Session Player displays your preferred cadence at torque based upon your historical data.


The gauge doesn’t affect performance per se but is very useful as an alert during interval transitions. You’ll notice it jumps to a target rpm before a high watt interval kicks in. Spin up to that target range and you’ll also avoid the spiral of death when your trainer is under ERG control (AUTO)…
Conversely there is no particular advantage to spinning at 100 rpm during a low watt RIB. :slight_smile:
I also find it useful on long intervals above TP in VO2max range. If struggling I check my cadence.

Never used the remote player, this cadence optimizer works fine. Thanks for pointing this out

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