Blocks vs Mixing Everything Weekly?

curious how it would look say after a year of blocking different goals vs just doing everything every week.

for example 2 weeks of sprinting then 4 weeks of VO2 then 4 weeks of threshold (whatever the numbers are just made that up)

every week doing 1 sprint, 1 VO2 and one threshold WO. (or say if that’s too much picking 2/3 and rotating)

All that Xert would look at would be the difference(s), if any, between the final training load(s) following those different protocols.

  • During a “VO2” block, I’d expect that your Low & High TL would increase
  • During a “threshold” block, I’d expect to see High/Peak TL would decrease but Low TL would increase significantly

For what it’s worth, Xert’s new Forecast AI doesn’t really progress through “blocks” per se, but it does progress your fitness over the training program based on your current versus target training loads.

This allows XFAI to recommend different training for an athlete who aims to improve their 3 min power (Pursuiter - common for a Criterium racer) versus an athlete who aims to improve their 20 min power (Time Trialist - can be good for athletes who want to focus on Sprint Time Trials). For the Crit racer, they need to work on building their HIE & Peak Power so that they have the capacity in terms of MPA to stick with an attack/break or bridge a gap when needed, while a Time Trialist might want to spend more time building their Low TL and grow their Threshold Power.