Beta testers! New Training Advisor!

Login to and have a peek at our latest efforts ; The Xert Adaptive Training Advisor. it looks at your training history and recent training and, based on how you’d like to improve, provides guidance and advice how much training you’ll need to do to maintain improvements. Let us know what you think! (The data is a replica of your data from the main server as of a few days ago. Note that any changes you make there, will not be reflected here).

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 07 . I had a look at it and the first thing that struck me was it showed me as Very Tired, however according to my Progression and Fitness Planner I have not been anywhere near that state in the last 6 weeks. Cheers Cary

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 07 . Screenshot of Fitness Planner from my “live” Xert

Armando, that looks really interesting! It was at first somewhat disturbing that for the last weeks beta showed only red stars (and I should rest for 6 days) while Xert mostly showed yellow. It took me awhile to discover that there is a drop down menue in the Xert Training Advisor box, I changed it from “Mantainance” to “Extreme-2” Ahh… That is what I expected, since for the last 4 weeks I chose a rather aggressive ramp rate between 5-6. I am on my 7th week of an 8-week base phase, quite polarized training. Workouts are mostly <LTP, still a lot of yellow. Next week is a recovery week. I have a few questions:

  1. Shouldn’t the stars have the same colors, beta or Xrt ?
  2. In “Goals/Improvement Rate” my predicted TP is 192, where as in “Goals/Fitness Planner” is 178. Shouldn’t they be the same?
  3. the Workouts box shows a list of 4 workouts with different XSS, different difficulties. Are those the recomended next workouts?
    Also, repeatedly checking the box in “Select recommended workouts automatically” delivers each time different “selected workouts”, which does not make sense to me.
    I love to see that the great Xert ist getting better.
    Thanks Armando

Thanks Joseph. A detailed explanation of the new Training Advisor is being written. Briefly:

  1. No. The new methods take into account low, high and peak XSS values and the associated training loads.
  2. One uses the workouts in your planner and the other bases it on a projection based on your improvement rate.
  3. Yes. If automatic selection is enabled, the system will randomly choose from those that classify as recommended.

Armando, I can’t seem to upload new activities into the beta. Is that currently disabled?

I think its great. Cant wait to get more of my own data from my new training program in the system.

Can you try again Kevin?

Thanks - looks like it’s working now!

So far, I’m loving the new features! Definitely going to be helpful - and just in time to dial the winter training! Also, I’m guessing you tweaked the “freshness” algorithms as they seem more realistic in the beta. In production, I haven’t been able to get my status to tired - even though I have really felt tired on several occasions. But in the Beta, it’s showing me as tired for at least the last month. That’s far more in sync with my perceived freshness - very excited for where this is going - just fantastic work all around, Armando! THANK YOU!!! Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8 Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8

Kevin, for me it is the opposite. In beta, I have been very tired for the last 7 weeks, where as in production I have been tired, which feels right for me. I wonder if it has to do with the level of TL. My TL is 42 right now. Maybe beta overestimates tiredness in lower TLs ?

Armando, the XERT ADAPTIVE TRAINING ADVISOR box says: “Your current status is Very tired and should consider a Recovery (105W) based activity or workout”, at the same time, the WORKOUTS box is recommending 60min workouts with XSS > 60. Aren’t these recommended workouts too intense to be considered “recovery” ?

@Joseph it does appear that the Beta trends toward showing the rider to be more tired than does Production. My training load is around 126. My thought had been that due to xert thinking of me as fairly well “trained”, that it was more difficult to push my freshness into the tired zone. I know for me (at the TL of 126) the Beta is more accurate as I have been unable to hit some of my regular higher numbers lately and was thinking of easing up to drop my TL a bit already. Now that the Beta is saying to do just that, I’m going to follow it to see if my ability to properly complete the more difficult threshold workouts returns.

Thanks @joseph. If you still have a deficit > 60, then the current algorithm says you still need to train but that you are also in need of recovery. We have some rules that kick in that will suggest additional recovery is needed and will look to adapt them for you in this case. For example, you can’t sustain an Extreme Improvement rate without running into this situation.

The freshness scoring is different on beta. It will factor in freshness/tiredness across all three systems in determining the category. For example, if any one of low, high or peak Form/TL < -30%, you’ll see “Very Tired” whereas before, the (sum of Form)/(sum of TL) needed to be < -20%. More will be explained as we complete the documentation and blog post.

I can’t upload from the app today. worked yesterday…using the beta.xertonline server address.

uploads fine to the production site. Occasionally it says “upload success” or something like that, but nothing shows up on the dash

Still can’t upload. Any ideas?

Hold tight. Won’t be long before we move to production. Issues should go away.

Thanks! When it worked it was awesome. The other day it suggested a tough workout, so I went out for a spin on the road to warm up, came back, uploaded the warmup while setting the bike on the trainer, and the algorithm changed its mind and suggested a relatively easier workout…just what i was hoping for!