Best way to record for garmin connect

after a great oudoors summer, i’m now moving back to intdoor training. my gear:
zwifthub, assioma powerpedals, garmin 530 edge and garmin FR250 running devices. Xert running on ipad/android & IQ on the edge.

what is the best way to record your session? I’ve seen 2 big updates since last winter:

  • xert IQ activities recorded on edge now also sync to garmin connect
  • you can now export (non smart) trainings from xert to garmin edge native

last year I would use the edge+IQ to control the trainer & run the workout. I would use the xert remote player to look at extra metrics, and I would record the session on my FR250. This recording then feeds garmin connect, which synced to the xert website. Biiggest downfall of the method (aside the clumsy use of many devices) was that you’d only see the recording of what you did, but you loose the workout prescription (meaning you see what you did, you don’t see what you were expected to do)

  • if i recorded on my xert IQ app, then i would see the workout prescription (& name) in the recording, but it would not add to my overall garmin connect metrics (training status,…) making this method a no-go, this now seems removed (if recorded via device, not via app i think?)

  • recording garmin edge native (indoor setting) is a no go, because that doesn’t support power matching between the pedals & zwift hub.

  • i don’t think there is any benefit in running the workout via the app (ipad or android)? - the remote session player has more datapoints to show then the app, and app recordings don’t count for your garmin metrics

in short, I think the best way is still to run my sessions via the edge & IQ app. I could now record that session and not have it recorded on my FR 250 in paralell. this means that I still can’t have extra metrics like HRM and the assioma metrics (standing/sitting,…) as this is not recorded via the xert app. The FR250 didn’t support these, so i’s not a loss vs last winter, but it is a loss vs outside riding.

apologies for the lenghty post. the short version would be: so what’s new in xert vs last winter from an intdoor trainer perspective. I enjoyed the above combo last winter, it did pay off in summer, so i’m looking forward to my nextt season! cheers

My preference is to run the Xert Android app on my phone, and dual-record on my Edge 530. I don’t allow Xert to upload to Garmin Connect so I just have to delete the Edge-generated duplicate on the Xert website. It sounds clumsier than it is but I prefer the workout controller on the phone vs Edge, plus it has the advantage of redundancy if either device fails to record. I also have Assiomas, I’m connecting Ant+ to the Edge and BT to Xert.


Same here.
For WORKOUTS: I record the training with Xert IOS app with the workout managed/loaded via the IOS app (ERG mode with Xert in controllable mode of Tacx Neo 2) I also connect to Zwift (without the controllable function).
At the end I save the workout in the app, and only allow Zwift to upload to Strava and Garmin Connect. The workout is automatically saved in Xert website/cloud site through the app.

For Zwift races: I record the training with Xert IOS app and connect to Zwift (WITH the controllable function). Xert will not control the unit just record the data being sent out by my Tacx Neo 2.
At the end I save the workout in the app (which saves it on Xert website/cloud), and only allow Zwift to upload to Strava and Garmin Connect.

For Group rides/outdoor: I have Garmin Edge 1040 with Xert fields (downloaded from the Garmin ConnectIQ app). I start and record the ride with the Garmin device linked to the Assioma power meters. Add the end Garmin shares the data to Xert (Xert website/cloud) and to the and Strava once I synchronise with Garmin Connect. There are no duplicate readings this way.

Notice: Xert never uploads directly data to Strava or GC. Also Xert ALWAYS uses Xert readings/data. Never data from Zwift or other platforms.


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