Best trainer mode for Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 3

Hi there, what’s the best mode for this? Slope or auto?

Would like to see if there’s big difference between outdoor bt and trying on the trainer :wink:

Breakthrough Version 3 is specifically designed to be run in ERG mode - as per the commentary that goes with that Workout.

Do you normally do your workouts in ERG mode vs self-selected? I’d say that there is some degree of ‘practice/learning’ in doing workouts or Breakthrough tests using slope/self-selected if you’ve not done them before.

A bit like the ‘standard 20 min FTP test’, I believe there is also a bit a learning/knowledge that you get from each Breakthrough test so it is definitely something to try.

For my most recent breakthroughs/fitness signature resets, I’ve opted for ‘A Pain That I’m Used To’ so that I get the XSS from the Workout as part of my training for that day and also get a Breakthrough at the same time. Note it is up to you, some of the Breakthrough Tests have relatively low XSS and can be short.

Another thing to note is I understand that the Xert model assumes that you are riding to failure naturally, i.e. your power ‘fades’ when you reach failure. When you ride in ERG mode and you reach failure, you can get into the ‘spiral of death’ with the cadence dropping whilst ERG mode tried to keep you at the same power output. As such if you ride ERG mode breakthroughs then I think it will be harder to “draw down MPA and have it close to current power for a long time” - i.e. 'Maximal Effort Time".

More info here:

Also take a look at the Thread

Thanks Simon! Will give the V3 a go tonight probably and wait with the pain thing untill the group session fits my schedule a little. **** is a bit over the top for me probably (with ** ranking) :wink:

Agree with this comment which is why I’d suggest running at least the last step of each ‘ramp’ in slope mode, despite what the workout description says. You also don’t want ERG to drop the power when you still have something left in the tank (unlikely if you are on no-decay, but in my experience definitely possible if your signature has decayed and it’s been a while since the last BT).

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Tnx Wesley makes sense. ok, will try the V3 start in auto and switch to slope mode at least for the final step of each set :wink:

Good opportunity to play with the slope vs erg a little before being kicked in the .ss

Ok, it will take a little practice indeed. Got a small silver one, could probably have spend somer more time close to moa if I had taken the last of the first sequence a bit easier to start.

However, happy with the efforts being close to outdoors training, which makes them both useful.

Think cert profile is dialed in ok.

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Great work!

Tnx, will be able to do a little more next time probably. With a little better distribution of energy, I think a bit more is possible for sure.

But this activity was fun, although it should have been a bit more painful probably :joy:

Well done Edwin! A pain that I’m used to, is a great one. Did it once myself. Had an unintended breakthrough straightaway :slight_smile:
There is a BT sharing topic on this forum aswell. You can share your Breakthrough there aswell.

The pain thing is next on the list😂