Athlete Type Selection Question

I’m a couple of weeks into Adaptive Training Plan (really enjoying it) and I have a question about what to set my athlete type to. I primarily focus on mountain biking and criteriums so historically I have used Power Sprinter for workout selections but I’m kind of looking to try out the AI plan but change up the focus to do slightly different workouts this period/summer. I have been using Road Sprinter and I’m wondering if anyone can explain why 2 minute power is expressed in terms of watt per k/g (rather than a number) which is not what I want since I am using the goal (i’d rather not have the program try to take my weight into account when formulating the plan.) Any help?


I can’t answer the why but can say it’s only a different way of expressing the goal (and also a different way of benchmarking / ranking against the population). Xert (XFAI) won’t assume any weight loss or gain, so setting a w/kg goal will just target the absolute watts needed for your current weight


As Wes pointed out, Xert will still prescribe training to increase your absolute 2 min power, even though we display power to weight :slight_smile:

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Good stuff guys. Thank you for the feedback. It helps. This AI thing is a game changer with how you guys set it up, it dynamically changes and rearranges things if you miss a workout, have a day off, work is gonna prevent you from working out that day, or decide to do that random group ride last minute and then it adjusts everything the following week based on what you did not according to plan.

Off Topic Random Thought regarding Weight Training and the AI: I do 2 days a week full body push/pull dumbbell workout with squat and deadlifts and was using the ‘weight training’ workout as mentioned in other posts. Everything is great but I did notice I wasn’t getting prescribed any intensity short power workouts and was wondering about it. I figured it was looking at the ‘weight training’ workouts as sprint/anaerobic workouts and then not assigning workouts accordingly because I was already doing them. I went back deleted all my strength workouts and now I’m being prescribed a few intensity workouts a week - which is what I was looking for. If you are having a similar issue this should solve it. I usually just weights prior to a zone 2 day and that seems to be working.