App TACX training w/ XERT

Hi everyone !
After my first purchase of an indoor trainer,(TACX Neo 2T), I tried a few App, ie: Zwift, Rouvy and TACX. My choice, finally, fell on TACX. Now, to be able to use it with XERT, (i use XERT Player on Garmin Edge 1030), is there any advice or particular attention to optimize this combo ?
Or only option is start the ride on my Garmin, (w/ my page w/ more data field IQ XERT XERT XSS/XEP, Carbo and Fat, MPA and Power etc…) at the same time i start the ride on TACX App on my iPad/iPhone ? And, finally, any suggestion for ride one XERT workout w/ one scenery of TACX App ? Thank you very much and sorry for all the question, but, indoor, i’m absolutely rookie ! ;O))
BR, thanks again.
Corrado, Italy.

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Hi Corrado,

Congrats! Welcome to the world of indoor training! :slight_smile:

I’m personally not familiar with the TACX app myself, but the overall setup shouldn’t be too different from others (Zwift, RGT, etc).

  • If you want to free-ride in their app, you can record on your Garmin and use the Xert data fields (focus, XSS, fat/carb, etc.).

  • Alternatively, you can run the workout player (on your Garmin or using the Xert EBC app) and let Tacx just record the power data - if you do this, make sure your trainer is only paired to Xert & disabled from Tacx app.

Hope this helps!

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Hi and Thanks @ManofSteele Scott ! :pray:
Yes, is a wonderful word the indoor training (w/ a good trainer i think).
OK, i think i have exactly understand:

  • if i ride a free ride, i connect all w/ TACX App, (trainer included), and record the ride w/ my XERT data field on my Edge 1030. (Not Player but free screen w/ the XERT datafield i have build).

But if i ride an XERT workout, so, structured work, of any other, but always, XERT work, i NOT pair my trainer w/ TACX App, but only w/ XERT .

Question: for this, (paired trainer w/ XERT), i need to go on XERT EBC on my iPhone ?

For a 2nd option, (XERT Workout), - (promise, last question) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in XERT Player on my Edge 1030, i need to set some option ? (ie: Slope, Resistence, etc…), or only the first in the menù named : ‘POWER CONTROL’ ? This option, for the outdoor training, is irrilevant to set or i need reset before transiction indoor/outdoor, (for example the day after an indoor training) ?

Thanks so much for your precious help Scott, and have a good evening !



You can either use Xert EBC or the Xert Workout Player on your Garmin. Either will do. Many find the mobile apps easier to work with, but do whatever is easier for you. One thing to consider is that Bluetooth sensors can only be paired to one app at a time (not sure if Tacx allows both ANT+ and BT connections).

Yes, for outdoor workouts those options are irrelevant (because there is no trainer outdoors). But for indoors, you’ll generally want to be on ‘Power Control’. Read this post to learn more about trainer control options: What Trainer Modes Are Available in Xert’s Workout Players? – Xert

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OK Scott, is all clear !
Yes, Tacx Neo 2T smart, support ANT+ and BT both.
I use at 99% the XERT Player on my Edge 1030.
I have read and print the useful page you have indicate, thanks so much !
Have a good journey and a great ride !
Corrado, Italy.

PS) Today, but outdoor training, Funeral in Carpathia, one of the most beloved XERT Workout ! :grin:
Friday and saturday is two raining days, so… Indoor ! ;O))