Android EBC App On-Going Issues/Quirks

I seem to be having a few bugs and odd issues with the Android version of the EBC app.

I’m getting very short power reading drops on the app, same as described here: Dropouts are back (sort of) This has been happening on BT and is worse on ANT+; I only use BT these days. Sometimes I get a steady period but always a few throughout the workout. I’m using Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedals, During a drop (< 1 sec) I can feel the resistance dropping slightly on the trainer, it’s a W-Kickr. I had Favero look into this and they cleared the pedals as working fine, I also switched to another set of same pedals and have same issues with the app. I can Zwift (Ant+ and BT) and use other apps like TR etc with no issues. I also switched Phone, original was a Samsung S7 now I am testing a S23, same issues. I’m running latest firmware on laptop, pedals, phone S/W up to date and latest app versions. Interestingly when I upload workout I don’t see the dropout as a ‘0’ value, I can see a small drop so I guess it’s reporting back a 3-sec average to the Xert platform?

None of this is happening on the IOS app, I have an iPhone 12 Pro and it runs EBC perfectly without issues; it’s a pity as there is a richer data set on the Android app and I prefer the UX overall but this is frustrating and wrecks my head.

Another odd ball query is regarding the interval notification, on the IOS app the sound occurs at 10 secs to go and 0 seconds left, however on the Android app it seems to sound at 9 secs left on the clock timer screen and then 1 second into the new interval. Obviously the interval/duration between the sounds is the same but lets just say I prefer the behaviour on the IOS app as the Android is not helping my OCD :confused:

I’ve also noticed that focus can be very slow to calculate on the Android app especially when doing an endurance ride, is this normal, I’m using the default data field config as set after install, no changes or customisations.

Finally the lock screen seems to be complete hit and miss, I can bring up the option to lock the screen during a workout but if I cancel and try again it won’t appear. Sometimes if I swipe the top area (power gauge) over and back then I can bring it up again but not consistently. I’m wondering if my case (Quad Lock) is interfering with the screen as it seems to be easier to bring it up when I have the phone out of case in my hand.

None of these are deal brakers, I think the platform is great but I thought I would document this as I haven’t seen similar issues being reported recently, granted I have seen the the power one previously but it’s still a problem with the latest release and is an on-going gripe.


Hi @colincostello ,

Sorry to hear you’re having some troubles with the app. Can you kindly send a note to our support team so we can document the issues you’re having? We do our best to monitor the forum, but it’s generally best to direct any technical support issues directly to our team!

FWIW, I use Favero Assioma Duo pedals and I often experience drop outs with Zwift (on AppleTV), but can’t say that I’ve noticed with Xert EBC (I always pair via BT). The dropouts on Zwift are only for a split second or so. I suspect there isn’t anything that can really be done to prevent it… likely some sort of signal interference.

Hi, Thanks for the reply; will do, I’ll log it but I’m realistic and not expecting a solution and yes just wanted to document it, other than use an iPhone :slight_smile:

Agreed I have also seen issues over the years with ANT+ and BT in Zwift, sometimes amplified by background updates to apps and OS running on Win platforms and generally it has come down to signal interference but try as I may with physical cord extenders and Wi-Fi 2.4 - 5Ghz changes I never seem to be able to totally eradicate it.

Overall though I know I’m doing the work :smiley:

Any comment on interval notification sound or the lock screen issue?