Android App dropouts - with Tacx Neo OG (Gen. 1)

Started with XERT beginning of the year. Did some 50 workouts so far, most as Zwift-ZWO imports. Now as I want to move to more higher intensities, I would like to give the SMART concept another try.

My configuration: Macbook AIR (M1), Tacx Neo 1, Samsung S10+ (Android 10), Tickr, Zwift. Workout in Auto Mode.

I tried to follow the suggested path. ANT+ connection to the XERT App (as my Zwift connection to Macbook needs BT). Trainer Control in Zwift unpaired. Overlay with remote App. BT disabled at S10 to avoid interference of drivers.

Typically everything works just fine for around 10-15 minutes. After the unavoidable dropout (only for some of which I feel a strong “clonk” in the drivetrain), the last power target remains unchangeable. Only workaround is kill the app and restart, which is more than annoying.

As this happened during my penultimate workout, I got so angry, that I finished with a 12W FTP improving breakthrough.

I don’t believe in any driver update from Tacx for my old neo. Is there any way to make the combination of NEO and Macbook air running? Garmin is not an option (Wahooligan).

Do I have to buy an Iphone/Ipad? Is there a rock-solid configuration that works? The status quo is very frustrating.

  1. Be sure you’re using Xert EBC.
  2. Try running a workout without Zwift. Zwift has been known to re-connect to your trainer even if it’s disabled.
  3. Try connecting your trainer over BT rather than ANT and see if that helps. This can prevent Zwift from connecting to it.

Many thanks Armando for your answer.

I don’t want to sound rude: that might be a solution but not for my problem.

  1. Not interested in staring at my phone for two hours -
  2. Zwift leveled up my indoor training experience to a new dimension. Newer thought, I could do a 3 hours workout infront of a screen.
  3. I use the BT channel to connect with my Macbook to Zwift
  4. Same issues with Xert EBC before. Seems to be a little more stable with XERT app.

Reeding between the lines -> there is no stable solution ?
So I have to wait for Kickr Bike V2 with dual BT?
No workaround with Neo/Macbook/Zwift + mobile app that actually works?

Just trying to narrow down the issue really. Works perfectly for most everyone (very few issues being reported). So unsure what the issue is on your end. Unlikely it’s a software issue but if it is, we’d like to narrow down what it might be. There is nothing happening at the 15 minute mark to disable a trainer so likely something happening external to the app.

Is the app running in the background or foreground?

I closed everything else at my phone. Switched off BT. App in the foreground. Plugged in to mains to prevent any energy saving issues.

Check if your Neo has 2 BT interfaces: 1 to the trainer and 1 to the power meter. Connect the trainer BT to the app and the PM BT to the Zwift. Suspecting something may be interrupting the ANT connection to the trainer.

Also, Xert EBC has a comprehensive diagnostic capabilities under the covers. Next time it happens, use the About screen and send us diagnostics and we can look into what might be the source of the issue. Send an email to when you do that. Thanks.

Data broadcast NEO 1 only through one concurrent BT connection and no BT smart FTMS.

I will follow your advice and send diagnostic data to support ASAP.
Many thanks.

As @xertedbrain suggests you should start out simple and if that is stable try additional combos until failure. Here’s my suggested steps –

Test A – Only your Samsung running Xert EBC with only BT connections to sensors if all can be connected by BT. If not, include ANT+ where required. Leave the Macbook off.
This does mean staring at your phone but this test will confirm your basic configuration runs without any issues. Could be a 30 minute warmup with trainer control by slope mode or ERG (no workout loaded).

Test B – Only your Samsung running Xert EBC as above (with a workout loaded) plus Macbook running XO Remote Session. Set up a Solo session in XO beforehand with whatever Youtube video you want to watch. Example, GNC gravel tour through Scotland or a scenic route such as one from or a bike race. This will give you the distraction you want while the workout runs. No need to stare at the phone app but you will be glancing at it. :wink:

Test C, D, etc. – Now try adding in Zwift one step at a time and determine when things go awry. When they do select Settings, About in Xert EBC and tap Send Diagnostics. You can also tap support@ from there to send a message.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Macbook, TACX Neo and Samsung S10 are probably (one of) the best selling items in their class. I found many complains of android app dropouts and even one with exactly my combination where Xert didn’t work properly. Statistically if it was a no brainer, there should be at least some users being able to confirm this.

I will not be able to connect the NEO to my S10 and the Macbook both via BT. Therefore I am not very optimistic about the insights from testing Android BT connection at all (profession-related bias) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I would highly appreciate anybody with a TACX NEO and a Macbook and XERT app running on an IOS or a Samsung S10 smoothly, informing about your individual configuration. :grinning:

I will have to wait a few days before staring my next test. Looking forward for some serious anger management meanwhile.

Update: Problem solved, presumably applicable for all generation of Tacx Neo owners with Macbook.
Unfortunately it is not exactly straight forward and due to required components potentially limited with regards to reproducability.

My setup:

  1. Start with connection of Tacx NEO OG Sensors:
    Power, Control and Speed via BT to Xert EBC running on Samsung S10 plus. Don’t even try it with ANT+. It will not work consistently.

  2. Broadcast ANT+ Power and Cadence via CABLE as second BT channel to Zwift running on my Macbook Air M1. For people in Europe: available via dealership in Ireland.

  3. Make sure, that Trainer Control is not connected

  4. HRM via BT to Zwift. I may go for a dual channel HRM in future.

  5. Now the Avatar is controlled by ANT+ to BT, whereas the Workout is directly controlled via BT connections to the NEO.

  6. Shut down everything, that may push Xert into background. Check battery status for longer workouts. 1.5 hours took about 15% of battery.

Adminstration of CABLE requires an IOS App. People like me, without an own Iphone do have a problem here. Good news is, this normally is a one time thing, one may find a workaround even if regularly working with Android. I took the phone of my wife for this purpose.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for the update.
It is strange NPE makes you run an iOS app to program the CABLE considering what the device does (ANT+ to BLE). Luckily all of us know somebody with an iPhone. Hopefully the one-time setup sticks no matter what.
Do you replace batteries on a CABLE or is it rechargeable?