AI generated workout marked as completed before it's done

A small bug…

  • I asked to create an AI generated workout
  • It looked like it was stuck so I exited and came back later
  • When I looked later the AI generated workout was in the calendar and with a green circle indicating, I believe, that it was done. When I click on the green it has “Forecasted and Scheduled”.

Shouldn’t the circle be clear?

Hi @nnovod , this is intended behaviour!

The green circle just lets you know that the autogen workout (or any planned workout/activity) achieves the desired XSS targets for that day… you just need to hop on the bike and do the workout :wink:

Yes, but, why doesn’t that happen when I schedule a ride (as opposed to generating one via AI). Also, what does the pink bar indicate?

Are you on a PC? Or mobile? Looks like you added a workout using the ‘+’ button (which assigns additional training/activities outside of the forecast), rather than assigning training to the placeholder.

To select a workout that satisfies the Forecast Placeholder, you should hover over the forecast placeholder and select the ‘Choose Training’ option:

That will open the familiar ‘Recommended Training’ modal, from which you can browse & select your desired workout. Pick one & Save, and you’ll see the forecast stub will match the forecast stub to the workout & update the circle colour:

We have a planned update that will remove the ‘hover’ logic for mobile browsers (phones/tablets).

I’m on a Mac and schedule the workout via “Choose Training”, which leads to “Recommended Training”. I then select the desired workout (click on the workout title) which brings me to workout details where the only option I can see to choose the workout is “Schedule”. When I then schedule the workout it winds up with the clear circle.

Am I doing something wrong?

Ah, I think I see the problem. Am I supposed to click on the “Save” button on the bottom of the screen? I remember going through this before and never seeing that “Save” option and asking for it to be moved someplace more obvious. Sorry, I forgot about it, but can it be moved someplace (e.g., where the Clear button is)?

Yes, you can tap the card of the workout that you’d like to do and then click the ‘Save’ button! Clicking the title of a workout in that list will open the workout preview.

A small suggestion: When hovering over the card the cursor should be changed to something that indicates it can be selected. Alternatively, add a “Select” button if you want to still be able to distinguish other parts of the card that can be clicked (e.g., the title). As is there’s no indication that you can select the card, and you’re led to click on the title which does indicate that it can be selected.

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We have a planned update to remove the need to push the ‘Save’ button. Instead, it will function similar to planning training from the 3-day forecast. You’ll just push a ‘Schedule & Save’ button :slight_smile:

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I suggest using the Training page to select a workout for Today with Play Now.
You can also plan a workout for tomorrow or the following day using Schedule.
Another benefit to the Training page is you can view the full Training Advice for the day by tapping >.