Adding Sprints to Base

We’ve mentioned this in our podcasts. It’s ok the toss in a Bullet with Butterfly Wings or Spinning Walls or Adventure of a Lifetime in place of your standard low intensity workout:

Interesting that the literature seems to suggest longer “sprints” than those currently used in the Xert Library. In the article that you’ve mentioned above, as well as a published article that I touched on last month in Pez Cycling News also used 30s sprints in their protocol.

Reference: The Inclusion of Sprints in Low-Intensity Sessions During the Transition Period of Elite Cyclists Improves Endurance Performance 6 Weeks Into the Subsequent Preparatory Period. - Abstract - Europe PMC

Using the study above, I created my own #MIXEDMODE workout that follows the general format outlined in the study:

I found that the 30s sprints were very difficult, much harder than I was originally anticipating. Executing the workout perfectly as defined should have resulted in a Road Sprinter focus (1:38), but I was only able to manage a Puncheur focus (3:34):

I may give this workout another shot in a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Only 14 days and done with “elite” cyclists.

You could think of this as confirming that signature (or fitness) decay is relevant & useful. After just 2 weeks of a LIT camp, there was already a 4% difference in Sprint Power and 5 min power between the group that did only LIT and the group that added sprints into their LIT training. “Use it or lose it”, haha.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

30s efforts have relatively similar high and peak strain and so can be quite taxing.

Hi @ManofSteele, I have created some similar LSD sprint workouts, and my setup wasn’t transitioning back to erg mode after the sprint, it seemed to be stuck in a 3% slope following the sprint. Do you have any suspicions why?

Which app are you using?