Adding Sprints to Base

Hi @ManofSteele and @xertedbrain, I had issues again today. I am using version on a Samsung galaxy tab a7 lite (model sm-t220). In auto mode, It switches from erg to slope mode, but it doesn’t switch back.

Are you riding a workout from the library or a workout you created in Workout Designer?
For sprint workouts you could leave it in slope mode, or does that not work well with your setup?
What brand/model trainer?

I was trying to update my fitness signature by doing couple of all out sprints (slope mode) and then a ramp test (erg mode). I am using a tacx flux 2.

There are a number of pre-built breatthrough workouts in the library. Search for “breakthrough”.
All but one are designed to be ridden in slope mode for the entire workout.
Those with a long interval are designed to bring you to failure with MPA drawn down.
If you sprint at the end of that interval for at least 5-7 seconds that is sufficient to update your PP even though max watts at that point won’t be near what you can achieve when fresh.