Add Polarization Data Field to Garmin IQ App

I train 95% outdoors in what i call semi-structured work outs. Parts of my route lend themselves to recovery or intensity intervals but they do not fit a pre-programmed structured work out. I do my best guess to maintain a polarized ratio but would love to track this ratio real time to ensure consistency and optimization. So my feature request is a data field that tracks the polarization ratio real-time.


I think I just solved my problem using existing Garmin features. I set up a data fields to track time in power zones. I also found a screen APP on IQ that will do this based on FTP.

Actually wonder what you are trying to achieve with such a metric ‘in ride’. Most look at polarization over longer periods, weeks, seasons… and polarise across training sessions (ratio of easy sessions to hard sessions) rather than within sessions… so if you try and maintain 80:20 for every ride you won’t actually be following a polarised approach (according to how sport scientists / coaches define it)

Yes, you are right and I have limited knowledge on the subject…probably just enough to be dangerous lol. I have tried to run xert work outs while riding outdoors but the interval structure is hard to follow while riding due to obstacles I.e traffic lights, bike path transitions, congestion etc….so I ride a routine that fits the moment, go hard where the route allows and recover when it does not. Some sections of the route have no limitations and I can cycle from hard efforts to easy ones on demand. I have been guessing the time ratio between hard efforts and recovery intervals. It look like xert calls this the polarity ratio. I was looking for a way to track this real-time so make sure my training ride has the right combination between low, high and peak intensity. The object is to do a semi-structured free ride that somewhat resembles the recommended xert training ride…… does that make sense?

No worries, that’s what the forum’s for.

And yes, thought that may be the case, and I think what you are actually interested in is ‘focus’ when doing intensity outside, and there is already a data field for that. If you look at your daily training recommendation it gives a suggested ‘focus’ duration and interval target level which you can aim to hit during your intervals (not the whole ride of course). Then the data field tells you whether you are in line with your intended focus

Fairly sure there’s a good podcast on understanding focus and perhaps tips for training outside, else for sure on this forum eg here, here or here

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