Ability to see different types of xss accumulated in real time (app and garmin)

There are times when I am doing intervals either at the end of a long endurance ride or throughout a longer ride where it would be great to see how much high/peak xss I have accumulated so far.

I know the focus field attempts to give useful information in this regard but it is not that helpful when you have a ton of low xss raising the focus number. You are either forced to go way above your target wattage to bring the focus number down towards your focus target or you have to enable the setting where the lap button zeros out the focus number field (which would be done at the start of the intervals but is not helpful if you are doing intervals throughout a longer ride).

Having this information could also be very helpful for planning purposes in terms of fatigue management. For example, if I wanted to remain with blue stars and knew that If I did 10 xss of high intensity strain then I would go yellow, I could do intervals but stay below that number. Right now it is really a lot of guesswork and considering we already have an xss field it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult to give users the option to see how this xss is divided between the three systems in real time


Agree, this would be very helpful, esp. for outdoor rides. The number of times I’ve inadvertently red-starred myself when a filled-bar icon would have prompted me to ease off.

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Same here. I use the lap timer sometimes to estimate, after I checked how much high xss is caused by 1min at target power in the workout builder. But well, that’s not ideal

Any chance someone at Xert could comment about how difficult it would be to have the option to see the total xss broken into the 3 components rather than one number on a head unit?

XSS ratio exposure (low, high, peak) is a planned feature in the near future and is being discussed here.
What should be avoided though is thinking we should concentrate on riding in one bucket or another since distribution is spread amongst all three. Even a peak effort contributes a portion of XSS to high and low strain.
So rather than “fill the buckets” individually as I allude to in my mockups, the real goal is to fill them in proportion to your goals for the day (difficulty, focus. XSS ratio).
For example, Easy Pure Endurance (mostly blue) versus Hard Mixed Rouleur (blue. orange, red).