A lay off due to injury

Had an injury which had me off the bike for about 10 days. When I went o get back to it, I was so far behind and the rides were punishing, too much for after an injury. Is there any way to suspend your program and not have the ride back so hard you want to reset everything…(which I had to do), I did alter my decay(no decay) a day or two into the injury but it made no difference it seems. Thanks in advance

You should dial down your IR and select easy workouts if no pain, then dial things back up as you recover. For example, switch to Off-Season and select lower intensity workouts, an active recovery workout, or simply Z1 free rides. When you feel recovered from the injury try one of the easier Hardness Tests (01-03) to confirm you’re ready to dial things back up.

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Great, helpful response! Thanks @ridgerider2