40 min CX race only 32 XSS?

Is it because of the lack of consistent power (2 dismounts to run each lap)? I do have a power meter on the bike. My HR was at threshold the whole time, and my effort was all out. As worked as I am, I think I should see a higher XSS and an uptick in progression, but it’s the opposite. Thanks for any insight.

Activity details, select Share in upper right, Public, then post the URL.

There was a lot of blue during that event.
If you captured cadence and HR, what do those lines look like when enabled?

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Here it is w/ cadence and HR Xert - Activity | Cyclo-X Louisville

Strange is also that there is no change of the MPA, although you are clearly exceeding your threshold several times…

I guess Public only supports MPA, Power, and Difficulty on the chart.
If you have HRDM enabled and want to try an experiment, export the ride and use FitFileTools.com to strip out power and change the time. Import that file and see what XSS is calculated based on HR and cadence data.

Stripping power changed it to 82 xss, more like it. Seems a power meter for cross is counter-productive.


Yep! That looks like a race where the original looked more like a spin around the park.
MPA line says it all.

Likely because a lot of the work that you do for CX racing (stabilizing with core, running, etc.) isn’t directly recorded via the pedals/cranks, so it’s not really possible for Xert to know or account for.

This weeks race 186 TSS, that’s more like it. Xert - Activity | Cyclo-X Broomfield

Same deal? You stripped out power or did not record it?
Remember, TSS and XSS are not the same thing. :wink:
This is the type of event where XSS will differ from TSS.