Zwift racing instead of intervals

Trying to figure out my winter off season plans. I find that I’m much more likely to push myself indoors if I’m in a Zwift Race (Club WBR!). What do you think about an approach in the off-season that would be something like three or four days at or below LTP and two or three Zwift races a week? The Zwift races standing in for intervals.

How Xert’s algorithms work would suggest that this would be a pretty good strategy, although from periodization standpoint you may want to ease into your racing intensity rather than start off at that level, particularly of you are building fitness. If you maintaining it, then you could just race but may end up having a difficult time sustaining that level for the entire off and on-season.

I know this is an older post, but I’m also taking this approach. I’m doing a Zwift race once a week, but monitoring my TSS during the race. I quit the race when I’ve reached my TSS goal. I’m doing this even in my base period to keep my engine fresh. I’m three weeks into this program and it seems like it’s working well. Legs are staying recovered with mainly endurance rides, but I get some good intensity and keep my race instincts sharp too.

where do u monitor your TSS?

I monitor my TSS on my Garmin headunit. I have one of the datafields set to TSS.

I’m using the XERT IQ on my Garmin to monitoring the xss.