Zwift overlay

I’m using the ultimate guide ( but I wonder if I’ve got it right. Specifically, I’d like Zwift to control my trainer and for Xert to show my MPA/etc. through my Garmin Edge 520. In step 2, where the guide instructs us to turn OFF the trainer in the ConnectIQ setting, that ends any live readout through the Edge screen and through the Remote Player.

At the moment, I’ve found a seeming workaround by ending the freeride workout in ConnectIQ, and selecting the trainer. This shows the power from the trainer, but seems to keep the control in Zwift virtual land.

Have I misread some part of the ultimate guide?

If you end the workout, it will stop updating the remote player. To turn off the trainer on the 520, click the back button and select OFF.

OK, that’s what I think I was looking to confirm; that I should end the workout.