Zwift Group Ride

I did my second XERT Surplus ride in Zwift today, which was a good social ride like last week and two points came to mind - a comment and a question:

  1. The difference in effort required to stay just behind Scott-the-Leader was much greater than just in front. I understand the effect is normally there to some extent having used Zwift loads in the past - you almost get a surfing effect especially if there is a larger bunch just in front than just behind the leader - but today it seemed really extreme, maybe 60-80W extra, even still within 1-2 metres so still in the normal draft zone.

  2. Usually I want a really easy ride on Wednesdays but like the social side. If I adjust my weight on Zwift to reduce W required to maintain the W/kg average, will my ride data on transfer into XERT be anomalous?


I’ve “heard of” some people temporarily adjusting Zwift Weight & Height to help on rides. (Both ways, to make harder or easier). I’m told you can change weight during ride with Zwift App

Make sure if your trying to make it easier, to try and get the best bike/wheel combo you can for the course. Remember, if your on a TT bike,you Cannot Draft.

Xert will only see the watts you put out for ride. Just be aware, if you do drop weight,you will have to ride a little harder on downhills.

I hope I helped.

Thanks Scott. Aware of the TT bike issue after being caught by that before! Shouldn’t be beyond the nowse of Zwift to make that only apply in actual time trials but there again, I don’t like riding in a bunch IRL with guys on TT bars anyway, and they’re banned from most of the sportive I do! The Zen bike and Canyon Aeroad 2021 are pretty optimal for most courses.