Zwift FTP 263. Xert Threshold is 409. What with the huge discrepancy?

I bought a wahoo kicker in January. My FTP on Zwift is 263. I’ve only had a power meter on my bike since February. Why is there such a big discrepancy beween My Zwipt FTP and my Xert Threshold Power?

wer meter since February.

Where can I view 3 mmp and 20mmp?

Hi Edward,

Looks like you had an activity with invalid power data - you should either flag (or completely remove) that activity. The data from that activity is skewing your true fitness signature. Cheers!

Something is amiss in your data set. Which sync option did you use to load your historical data?
We can make some educated guesses, but you are best off filing a support request with They’ll take a look at your data and make any adjustments necessary to ensure your starting signature is valid.

If you want to flag entries on your own, here are the steps:
Visit Xert - My Activities - Table View ( and scroll through the list.
Tick the leftmost column box for any entries you want to exclude from signature calculations.
When you have ticked any suspect entries, select the Flag button in upper right.
XO (xertonline) will then recalculate and update your signature without those entries in the calculation. However, the activities still count towards your training load numbers.
You can also select the Edit Columns button and enable Max Power as a column.
To quickly locate suspect high-power entries, click on that column header to sort the list.