Zwift adds API to push workout to their platform

This can be an interesting opportunity for Xert:


3 companies selected. Fastcat not one of them as they are not big enough.
Doubt FulGaz are one.

TrainerRoad for definite. IMHO
SYSTM. Very likely as Zwift/Wahoo seem to best pals at the moment.
Xert perhaps
Outside bet

Not so sure about TrainerRoad. Maybe they were invited, but I think TrainerRoad wants to keep their app as the workout executor. Furthermore, even if the workouts got executed by Zwift, they would have to update the progression level system as well.

I think JOIN is a candidate. They have a workout app, but they already sync directly to various platforms.

TrainerRoad is confirmed as one of the 3 new ones.

Read somewhere that Zwift will open this up to others later in the summer.

Di you have a link to the source?