Zero duration of workouts!

Hi! I performed two workouts for two days - about 2 hours and 150 XSS total (written by Xert Player for iOS). Dashboard indicates zero duration for both! Imported workouts from Strava show correct duration time. Thus no progress in My Fitness, Xert every day reminds about Training load deficits for 15 points 5C8B56F0-A5C8-4A56-9EC5-A1DF6ACDDDF5

Hi Michael. This is a known bug. It doesn’t affect any of the Training Loads, however.

  1. It’s unacceptable for paid service.
  2. It’s unacceptable for native smartphone app - therefore you force to use 3rd party apps to record power-based workouts (which also predominantly paid). In this case you shuould mark your apps as a beta.
  3. It makes senselessly using your Adaptive training advisor because Xert doesn’t update freshness, XSS and other parameters (see screenshot).
    P.S. Using iOS app instead of Android app due to the last one terribly works with BLE-sensors (it finds them but permanently loses before or during the workout). 91C07C9C-6980-4B45-B891-3E4AA10BF255
  1. I can appreciate your sentiment. Using the iOS app is only one feature of all the features on our system. If this is essential to you, let us know by sending an email and we can look to address your concerns.
  2. Although not marked as beta, it is quite new still and we are planning on releasing an update shortly to address the reported issues.
  3. Everything is updated but since your overall Training Load is just below 15 (see your XPMC), the training advisor doesn’t calculate its advice and provide generalized targets. You are only an activity or two away from reaching 15.

Thanks! Steering further with Xert!