"Your data appears to have errors"

I have about 20 files that Xert has flagged as somehow having errors. When I look at those files, I can not find anything amiss. Maybe half of the files are on the trainer. How do I go about seeing what aspect of the file is Xert flagging as erroneous? And if I deem the file OK, how do I “tell” Xert to accept this file as valid? I get these warning every day, so one way or another I have to resolve the conflict (and would prefer to not delete all of these files as they look OK to me).

Are you able to provide a snapshot of those workouts? We can see where the error detection logic go tripped.

Please send to support@xertonline.com

I got this error for the first time today. It actually showed up on a workout from yesterday. Not sure what is wrong. I just had an FTP test the day before and was riding with a new threshold. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I’ve had the same. It’s every time I log in. I’ll try to screen cap the list next time and send it over. For each workout there’s no indication of what the error might be.

Brian, your latest activity’s fitness signature appears to have quite a change from your previous. This triggered the error. Did you manually change it? If not, can you try deleting it and re-sync/upload it and see if you have the same result?

Jesse, you have so many years of activities on the system! Looks like you went through a long period in 2011 without any breakthroughs and Xert just kept lowering and lowering until the signature was outside the bounds of what was normal. You can go back to 2011 and adjust your signature, particularly raising your HIE which dropped down to around 5kJ which is unrealistically low.

Thanks! I uploaded all the had from other systems. I think 2011 was our first kid, but it could have been that and a broken PM for a while. I’ll have a look at 2011…

I recalculated my signature with some recent results and the signature seems to be more in line with what I was expecting. Still not sure what went wrong. I have my profile set to auto update, and I usually don’t touch anything. But my 20 min test this week was far better than expected so I wanted to capture that change since my new 20 minute power was what xert was predicting as my 6 week predicted power.

Seems ok now. What do you think?

Hi Brian. I made a change to your signature on the FTP test. FTP tests are really not the best way to test your fitness, btw. We have to assume that you were totally spent at the 20 minute mark and we have only 1 or 2 points of maximal effort to go on.

It appears that you have a fairly higher than average HIE but your TP has come down. I made a change that lowered all three signature parameters, that make your MPA reach failure at the 20 minute mark. I suspect that it is underestimating your TP, HIE and PP at the moment so monitor things. Really have a go at the Xert test if you want to know where things should be. (It you’re going to be testing Smart Workouts, especially the Hardness Tests, having a good signature is going to be very important.)

Yea, I agree that it is likely underestimating TP. Not sure about HIE and PP. I have been doing Xert Endurance based workouts and didn’t go far below a 20 minute focus for the last few months. During that FTP test I did a 5 minute clearing effort as well and that was pretty close to my current 5 min max effort. I used the 5 min and 20 min in the signature calculation and took a 1 second from one of my recent outdoor rides where I put down something in the 1300s.

I have a "basic trainer that won’t allow enough resistance for more than 900-1000 W and my peak has historically been in the 1400s. Hoping for some better weather so I can get outdoors and really let loose in the next week or so. Maybe run the actual Xert Test if I can get the workout player working.