Yet another strava sync issue topic :-)


I’m unable to sync activities on my wifes accounts to Strava. There’s loads of Xert workouts on her account but none will show up as unsynchornized. Any ideas? Tried disconnected/connect with Strava from both Strava and Xert. This works flawlessly on my account. She’s using a premium Xert plan.


Are you asking about pushing rides from Strava or to Strava?

to Strava.

Since there are no unsynchronized activities it means that they’re on both platforms right? Problem is that they are not. Xert has roughly 20-25 activities that will not get synchronized to Strava.

Just curious if there’s something else I can do. Checking the settings of her account the settings are setup the same way as my account which does synchronize to Strava.

Account name is “ollechar”.

I’ll send a support ticket on this and we’ll solve it that way hopefully :slight_smile: