XSS vs. improvement rate

Is there any way to know how many total XSS xert will expect me to do this week?

E.g. last week I managed to do 384 XSS. My ramp up rate is set to “2” (Moderate-1)

Now I would like to know roughly how much XSS I would need to put out in the course of this week, just to plan my training days a bit ahead according to weather forecast.

More asking in general: What’s the exact relation between IR and weekly XSS? I guess it´s not just “last week´s XSS x2” (that I would probably not survive).

Uneducated guess: a little more than 384, let’s say 400-ish?

The relation between IR and XSS is probably clear, so weekly XSS is just the accumulation of each training’s XSS score. Higher IR on shorter workouts, will give the same XSS as lower IR on longer rides, but the two are not entirely (created) equal.

There are several topics on that.

Go to Planner and click on Weekly Stats. You can view the weekly XSS total there (but you may need to adjust the displayed data first).


Sorry the forum cut off the image. There is a column for Total XSS.

Thx, but this is retrospective data, right? And not XSS expected for the current week, according to set improvement rate.

The only other thing to do, is to fill your calendar with a week’s worth of recommended workouts. That’s relatively easy and quick to do and will give you an idea…

My understanding of ramp rate is that it’s the planned TL increase per week, and each improvement rate step is a 1 point increase in ramp rate.

TL is the Rolling average (over 60 days for low intensity strain - Xert calculates each component separately but low intensity is the main one) XSS per day, so to maintain TL you need to do TL * 7 XSS per week eg to maintain 50 TL, do 350 XSS per week.

To increase TL by 1 in a week (ramp rate of 1) you need to do roughly 9 (60/7) XSS per day (or 60 XSS per week) above the current training load (not last week’s load). So 410 XSS per week in the example above. For ramp rate of 2, double the excess to 120 per week etc.


Filling the weeks in advance works. That is how I filled the future weeks in the above image.