XSS Surplus doesn't tally

Did a workout yesterday and was shown XSS Surplus of 249 halfway through my workout. Upon finished, load up the dashboard, but shown a surplus of 108. Am wondering why the difference?

This morning did a test again, dashboard shown XSS Surplus 59, and upon starting the workout, remote player shown XSS Surplus 119.

Attached is the photo of yesterday workout.

I take it that is Xert player running on a PC (BT or Ant+ ?).
WHat is the graph along the bottom?

I have only run Xert player through my Ipad. Being able to get multiple screens like that might get me to move to the PC.

Sorry I cannot help with the XSS question.

That’s one of the three Xert remote player monitors you can use on a PC or Mac. You still need the iOS or Android device to run the trainer but can monitor progress on a computer.

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If you had a scheduled activity in the planner, it may have been accounted for during the workout but expired afterwards.

We’re looking to make the process of planning and executing workouts a bit more flexible so these confusions don’t occur.