XSS seemingly high for workout

I recently completed this workout: Xert - Activity | Zwift - Road to Sky in Watopia (incomplete) - Xert

It’s listed as an hour, but there is only 40 minutes of real work. It did net me a silver breakthrough which was nice, but XSS is listed as 265. I understand from the articles that XSS can drift higher than 100/hr under short term fatigue, but this seems very high indeed. As a reference, the TSS calculation comes in at 86 (that’s at an FTP of 225, Xert has FTP listed at 216 which I think comes to a 93 TSS).

Is the 265 XSS expected or is something off? If it’s expected, how should I interpret something that high? For context, if it makes any difference, I have been trying to update my signature this week and this is the second breakthrough workout I’ve had.

Generally, when difficulty scores are above 150 or so, the TP is undervalued (i.e. you have a hidden/latent breakthrough that can be expressed). This might very well be 220W or more. You can try and input a higher value for your TP and see what the XSS and Difficulty Score looks like.

Thanks, Armando. That brought the XSS down and brought the training pacer back into line with what I would have expected. I didn’t realize that manually marking metric changes on a workout would calculate forward for subsequent workouts, good to know.

Just curious, what would have tripped the threshold increase in the system? I would have thought average 40 minute power above threshold would have been enough to do it.

40 minute power is an above threshold effort and some of it comes from your high intensity energy system. That needs to be used up (MPA needs to drop) before you can get a breakthrough.