XSS per hour based workout issue

Today I tried Smart Higher Ground 3.5 workout in a Elite Direto XRT interactive trainer using Xert EBC beta. As most of you know the workout consists of several blocks each one divided in 2 min intervals with a given XSS per hour each which increases form one interval to the following. I did some accelerations in the middle of the blocks which increased for a very short time the power well above the target. The power following these accelerations and for the rest of the block remained well below the target power for the given XSS per hour. Could it be a consequence of the accelerations? or there can a communication problem of Xert EBC with the trainer? or anything else… ?

XSSR intervals are dynamically calculated by the workout players. So if you enter an XSSR interval with higher fatigue that in the planned workout or generate more fatigue during the interval, the players will adjust power downwards. Vice versa, if you let off the pedals for a few pedal strokes during the XSSR interval, the power target will increase. The players will establish the target power and adjust the trainer to hit the XSSR target interactively.

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That’s what I thought @xertedbrain. I just started using an interactive trainer. In fact I broke my 30 min and 1h wattage records in this higher ground workout thanks to the XSSR dynamic calculation, which allowed me completing the workout by not reaching an unbearable fatigue.

Xert possibilities are amazing. I also discovered the tremendous usefulness of using MPA reserve % to perform above TP intervals. Much better than TP% as it takes into account your whole and individual fitness signatures.

Please, keep going with your great work

P.S. Next Xert podcast? :wink: