XSS on my garmin 1030 during ride is completely different to the XSS online once

1030 activity is uploaded? Any advice? thanks.

(PS - how does one search on this forum?) .

Was your data field up to date when you started the ride?

Unfortunately, this forum doesn’t offer a search feature. Feel free to check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/XertUsers/?ref=bookmarks ), as there is plenty of helpful information from our users available there as well.

Hi thx for response. I don’t know if it was up to date. I had synched my Garmin a few times before the ride. (I don’t visit Facebook :sweat_smile::roll_eyes:)

Support has a nice search feature and we’re always adding answers to FAQs here: http://www.baronbiosys.com/support_home


Any idea why the XSS shown on my Edge 520+ is different than the XSS shown on my fenix 5+ during a ride? By the end of my ride (a breakthrough) the XSS on my fenix 5+ was close 30 XSS less than the Edge 520+. They both are sync’d with Garmin Connect (iPhone), so I would assume they both have correct fitness signatures. Thanks!

Check that both Garmin devices are recording at 1 second intervals rather than Smart Recording.

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Thanks! Edge 520+ was on smart recording. I will see if that makes a difference tomorrow.

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