XSS ON GARMIN IS 50% to 25% different then online after ride processed

Outdoor rides
Work outs and free rides
GARMIN had been synced with phone iOS and phone app iOS
Happens every time

What factors are causing my Xss to be derated?
Can xert provide a procedure to correct this error?

Possibilities –
Why is the information that was displayed on my Garmin/Mobile app different than what is shown on the web? – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Verify the Garmin is configured to record data at 1 second intervals not Smart Recording.
See System, Data Recording, Recording Interval.

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Thanks, changed the setting to 1 sec, test it out tomorrow :grinning:

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Problem is still occurring even after I updated the data recording setting. Example Garmin recorded XSS=199, Xert online Activity XSS = 119. Data was recorded on an actual outdoor ride (work out) where I was executing intervals. I took a photo of my Garmin screen to document the 199 value

Hey Randall,

Have you signed into your Xert account for the XSS datafield? Its under the ConnectIQ settings for the app. When done correctly, you should get a notification that says:

“Signature Updated!
TP: xxx W HIE: xx.x kJ PP: xxx W”

For help with that, check our FAQ page here:

hmm. i do not get the signature updated notification just get the setting successfully saved notification - see uploaded photo. I must be doing something wrong

If I was not logged in why does the app data field work?

  1. Finally, start recording a new activity on your Garmin device and wait a few minutes. The data fields should update with your new Fitness Signature, confirmed by a pop-up on each of your Xert Data Fields saying “Updated”. You should also see the orange dot on the left side of each data field will update to green. Note that this can take up to 5 minutes.

I do get this happening on my Garmin… starts out with orange bar that eventually disappears leaving the active data fields

Sent you a PM. Let’s solve it from there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Xert (ManofSteele)!

Users - simple procedure to correct issue

  1. Verify the Garmin is configured to record data at 1 second intervals not Smart Recording.
  2. Log into Garmin Connect IQ - open App Settings, update user name and password (PS - make sure you have the correct UN and PW, App will not tell you if it is wrong it will only tell you UN &PW saved successfully)
  3. Take a test ride, Ensure your phone is connected to Garmin via Bluetooth. Set Garmin screen to one with Xert Data Fields. You should see the following sequence over a 5 min or less period
  • Red Dot Changes to Green
  • Notification flash (pop up) - shows updated Fitness Signature has been uploaded to Garmin - if no notification flash then go back to step 2.
  1. if step 3 completes properly you are done and XSS on Garmin will match XSS online
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Awesome @rgalisky Glad you got it all sorted :slight_smile: Happy riding!