XSS Estimation from HR & Cadence

Does Xerts XSS estimation use anything other than heart rate & cadence ie Gradient, speed or anything else?

Bump. Anyone?

Hey Cary!

Great question… I’ll link our glossary post on Heart Rate Derived Metrics: Heart Rate Derived Metrics – Xert (only posting glossary link so others are aware of the resource)

HRDM results are calculated only from HR (& cadence, if present… we recommend it). Those results are based on the historical relationship between HR, Cadence, MPA, Power.

Thanks Scott. My “Easy” off road group social rides (which I really enjoy) have been getting progressively faster & faster as more of the club members have got e-bikes. It’s got to the point where the intensity of them has reached a level that they are compromising my “proper” cycling! If you can’t beat them, join them so I’m getting one but still want to account for the rides on my progression chart. I’ll use HR until I can find a solution to get power from the bike.