XSS discrepancy on a BT ride

Did a breakthrough ride this morning, ran it from Android EBC and recorded it on Garmin watch as well. Both the watch and my Garmin head unit showed 104 xss, I did not notice what EBC had. EBC also recorded a gold breakthrough and showed it that way online as well after saving.

When I looked at the activities table, I deleted the Garmin ride as per my usual and when recalculating signature I noticed that the breakthrough ride now had an xss of 86 and was now showing as a silver breakthrough.

Does this have anything to do with it being a double breakthrough?

Any ideas why this would happen?

If you have the same activity uploaded to XO twice, the XO analysis won’t be correct until you remove the duplicate.
The XSS data field on the device reflects your signature at the time the activity is recorded while the end result (after duplicate is removed) shows the numbers with your updated signature applied especially when a BT occurred.
Plus, the data fields on the mobile apps are slimmed down versions of the deeper dive calculations performed on XO.

I did remove the duplicate right away. Yet now reverted to Silver vs Gold

Are you saying that because my signature changed on this ride, what would have been considered 104 XSS is now considered 86?

Sorry to pipe in here, but yes. That’s exactly why!

Thanks - happened again yesterday on a BT ride - 15 points shaved off XSS displayed during ride - I guess its a good thing

You can see this graphically by comparing the shaded Difficulty score portion of the analysis chart, before and after a signature adjustment. For example –

BEFORE (click Previous button at bottom of chart)

AFTER (click Current button)


Nice - I see that now - makes sense. always figured these changes would happen for subsequent rides, not this one