XSS / day & improvement rate setting


I’m currently halfway through the build phase of my program and I went out for a group ride on Saturday and I ended up 20XSS points over for the week with a day in hand. My legs were really aching yesterday so I took the day off however I now want to plan the groups rides in so I don’t overstress myself.

I’ve been playing around with the planner adding a group ride into the coming weekend and dropped my improvement setting down hoping to compensate for any XSS above my normal routine however I’ve noticed that no matter what I set the improvement rate (slow or extreme), my daily XSS figure (within weekly stats) still remains the same.

Is this right?


Hi, any views on this?

Hi Paul,

To my understanding the improvement rate has effect on new workouts troughout the whole remaining period till your event date.
20XSS is not much of a deficit so I wouldn’t be surprised it will be compensated somewhere at the end of your programm and not straight away next week. So I wouldn’t be to much worried about it.

If you schedule planned rides for the upcoming week your Total XSS and XSS/day in the weekly Stats will change based on your planned activities.

Hope this helps.

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Ok thanks @johanbarelds, that makes sense