XSS, can this be right?

A little background. My CTL is 100 according to Golden Cheetah so I’ve definitely been on it the last couple of weeks. I’m in build phase for a June 1 event.

Yesterday, I had a surplus of +13 XSS after completing a 15’ warmup, a brief VO2 interval session for 30XSS points and a 90’ endurance workout. I went from a +13 XSS surplus to a training DEFICIT of 242 XSS today. My form is reported as “fresh” … but my TSB on Golden Cheetah is -16. I realize these programs don’t measure the same thing but I must be missing something.

Fresh off the press for this FAQ: http://baronbiosys.com/faq-items/i-have-a-big-deficit-whats-going-on/

I think I get it. Basically, if you have a particularly heavy training load on week 1, week 2 still has to show an increase in training stress. It would seem that you could make it unsustainable pretty rapidly if you overdo it too soon in a build phase. I might be able to squeeze in 242 XSS once in a while midweek but certainly not every day.