XSS buckets data (and any other Xert specific dat fields) on Wahoo

Thsi is mostly about the new buckets field, but I’m aware there are other data fields that are available on Garmin.

Will this data be on Wahoo head units too (e.g. Roam 2)? If so, how do we enable them?

If not, is this a commercial arrangement thing with Garmin, that means Garmin support these data, help with development and stuff like that? Just so I know for head unit planning and related financial decisions.

Garmin has an open API with a whole ecosystem of apps and data fields developed by companies and enthusiasts.


I think it just means there is a current Xert user that is good at programming apps for the Garmin computer. I’m pretty sure this one was largely developed by a fellow user. He did a great job with it.

I think the Wahoo head unit is a much more closed system and Xert would need cooperation from Wahoo themselves, unlike with the Garmin head units.

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That is really interesting - thanks for that both. That definitely plays into future purchasing thinking in a couple of years time maybe