XSS and Fulgaz Toughness Score

ISS and Fulgaz Toughness Score


I regularly use Xert to adapt my training scope to my current performance and to maintain my fitness to some extent at the age of 82.

In the indoor area I train with my Wattbike Atom X and Fulgaz. I use Xert workouts with timed Fulgaz videos. At various events associated with Fulgaz (e.g. Hope Cycle Tour often Australia 2022), however, I drive without the ERG mode and regulate the load with the gear shift.

Now Fulgaz also offers workouts, which are already connected with suitable videos. The expected total load of a workout is evaluated with the term “Toughness Score”. When using the Xert workouts, I see the value “XSS” as the total load.

My questions:

  1. Which ISS value results from the Toughness Score, as far as the values are comparable with each other at all?

  2. Would it even make sense to use a value converted from XSS to Toughness Score for my XERT training and then train with a comparable Fulgaz workout?

Sincerely, Horst

Congratulations on still training well at the age of 82.
The FulGaz toughness score is not something to calculate effort from. It is a multiplier of elevation and distance. So a longer distance gives a bigger toughness score which is not always accurate depending on how you you ride the route.

I do not think that you are correct when you say the workout is rated with a toughness score. The workouts in the climbers program have TSS which can be roughly equated to XSS (maybe add 5-10% to TSS to get XSS).

I would do the FulGaz workout and then see how it looks in Xert, Xert will then recommend another workout based on your fatigue levels and targets.

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